All in: tips from the poker pros

Many people think that playing poker is a story of luck, luck and coincidence. And they are right. However, do not think that there is no strategy or other tricky tricks in poker, otherwise how can you explain the maniac craze of millions of people around the world? Poker is all about patience, tact and style. It will take you thousands of hours, hundreds of days and nights to get your first jackpot.

Several of these “mankies” have told everything they know about the art of poker, and perhaps their tips will help you smash online tournaments or shod your friends with an extra hundred square meters.

Daniel Negrianu

total income $ 32,887,948

Self-awareness is the key to everything

Negrianu is considered the kindest and friendliest poker player. He is always cheerful and cheerful, and also says that you always need to understand your self-awareness. To put it bluntly, you have to study yourself as other people do. Once you understand this, then immediately use it at the gaming table.

Study people

Negrianu admits that he constantly studied the people he sat down at the table against. Their habits, character, manner of communication. All the habits of the opponent can be easily turned against him. Take advantage of this.

Fatima Moreiro

total income 494,247 $

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing at the table 

Fatima believes that tight-fitting clothing reveals body language – excitement, veins, heart rate. Don’t give your rivals even such a small chance.

Treat playing poker like buying a house

If you are going to buy a house, then you will find out how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms and how much it suits you at all. Disassemble your rivals in the same way. You relate to every person at the table, do not treat them with ignorance. This is your home. For at least one game session.

Chris Moneymaker

total income $ 3,644,639


According to “Accumulator”, to become a top player you need to lose a fortune and not break. This is the only correct approach on the way to the top. Play, play and lose. Failure is 85% of your time. Take it for granted.

Jason Somerville

total income $ 3,619,118

Play online to learn the basics

Somerville is one of the most influential poker players in the world and he says starting online is the best way to understand the mathematical theory and principles of the game. Online, you focus on the maps and calculate all the options without psychological pressure. You can learn all the body language tricks, but what good is it if you are a complete zero in the theory of getting the cards you want.How to win at online casinos at roulette tips that work how to win at roulette programs

Liv Boyer

total income $ 3,152,648

Learn math

Poker – 85% math and 15% psychology. Approach poker scientifically. Explore the theory of probability and other prims that are so popular at the card table.