Pot-Limit Omaha: Choosing Starting Hands!

With this general trend in the poker world in mind, we’ve decided to give you some practical tips on how to get started playing Omaha online casino malaysia, starting with starting hands, of course. Whatever your style, success in Omaha depends a lot on which hands you choose to enter the pot with.

Since you have twice as many cards in your hand as compared to hold’em, you should play the hands that can bring the highest value. All four of your cards must take part in the game – this can give an advantage. It is important to remember that not only you, but also your opponents have four cards – they will, accordingly, have twice as many pairs, and the number of draw combinations in this situation will grow significantly. If in your game you will rely on common sense, but only on luck – it will come in / will not come in – it’s better to just give your money to your opponents, and do something more interesting yourself …

* Of course, we are talking about hands when you control two suits at once. If you have more than two suits or three cards of the same suit in such combinations, the strength of such a hand drops sharply, as it excludes the possibility of collecting a flush on the board.

As you can see, top pairs are as valuable in Omaha as they are in Hold’em. And the only difference is that you need to consider the possibilities for a variety of draws, which happen more often in Omaha. This is why, for example, AAJ-10 is considered a better hand than AAQQ. After all, having received J-10 instead of QQ, you have more opportunities. Well, and they are aces in Africa as well.

It is very important to understand how equity is distributed in Omaha starting hands. So, in hold’em AA stands against KK as 82% versus 18%. In Omaha, A ♥ A ♠ K ♥ K ♠ has only 33% to win against the second strongest hand A ♦ A ♣ 10 ♦ J ♣ , where 41% will go to a possible split of the pot. You have a measly 6% advantage with the best hand with the strongest hand against the second strongest hand. And in hold’em – 66%!

If you compare the hands in the upper half of the list with the lower ones, then there will be a ratio already familiar from hold’em, as with aces against kings in hold’em.

If you compare A ♥ A ♠ K ♥ K ♠ with K ♦ K ♣ J ♦ J ♣ , you get 69% for the best hand. Although 39% is significantly more than the 6% in the previous example, this is nothing like hold’em, where the strongest hand AA will have 73% versus the 10th strongest hand A ♦ 10 ♦ . These relationships must be clearly understood.

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